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Netgear Switches
Netgear Switches (GS305 & GS308)

NETGEAR Switches review: Managed vs Unmanaged

Most people at home let a technician install their modem and never look twice at it ever again, not knowing there’s a whole other world of extra possibilities when diving deeper into network devices such as routers, switches, extenders, etc… 

Today we’re taking a look at network switches, more specifically managed and unmanaged switches, to show you exactly what extra benefits these could give you, should you decide to install one of your own! Some of these are as simple as “plug-and-play”, but there’s others that require a little bit of extra work, while also giving you some extra flexibility on how you want to manage your network at home/the office.

Netgear GS305 Switch
Some of these are as simple as “plug-and-play”...

The base principle is simple; A switch is a small device that allows multiple other devices like computers, printers, etc… connect with each other on a single localized network, while also keeping traffic out of the way of your other devices. These switches also allow you to use faster speeds than your normal internet connection (within said localized network). They pretty much enable various devices to connect, talk and share information with each other.

There’s lots of different features when talking about switches (ports, speed, PoE, etc..), but right now we’ll mainly be going over the managed VS unmanaged aspect of these devices, so you know the ups and downs of both models.

Netgear GS305 Switch Unmanaged
The Unmanaged version of the GS305 Switch

Unmanaged Switches

Let’s start off with the classic, unmanaged switch that most people think of when talking about network switches. As stated before in this article, some of these switches are “plug-and-play” to make it easy for customers to use, and that’s exactly what these unmanaged switches are. These switches offer basic connectivity without the need for configuration before use. They’re also the most common switches in home networks because there’s usually not too many devices that need connectivity with each other.

Netgear GS305 Switch Managed
The Managed version of the GS305 Switch

Managed Switches

Managed switches on the other hand offer tons of versatility, while requiring you to do some setup before use. This isn’t a bad thing per se, because you’ll be able to manage each port on the device individually, meaning you’ll have much more control (and better security) over each connected device in the localized network.

NETGEAR has been a global player in the network industry for years now, and offer a wide range of network solutions to make sure you’ll always find the exact device you’re looking for.


After testing both the managed and unmanaged versions of the GS308-100PES and GS305-100PES NETGEAR switches, it’s safe to say that these devices are designed and built with quality in mind, while also assuring you that they will last for years to come. This is why we decided to award both versions with a Diamond Tones Award!

The NETGEAR GS305 and GS308 line-up receive a Diamond Tones Award!
The Netgear GS305 and GS308 line-up receive a Diamond Tones Award!

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