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Hama speedshot converter ultimate
- Allows you to play more quickly and precisely with your mouse and keyboard: provides great reactivity especially when playing ego shooter games
- Easy and simple plug & play thanks to optimized default setting
- The supplied software CD gives you a perfect overview when setting the Speedshot converter
- The complete gameplay can directly be adjusted on the Speedshot or via the supplied PC software
- 81 different speed levels selectable for the mouse
- 9 selectable sensitivity adjustments for optimum precise settings dependent on the mouse and game
- All buttons of the Dualshock 4 controller can be assigned as desired on the mouse and keyboard
- Up to 11 different button assignment profiles can be stored at the same time
- Thanks to the 11 freely programmable profiles, even games with different control can be played identically
- Adjustable turbo and auto fire function for quick, automatically repeated activation of a key
- Many other optional settings possible (e.g. reversing the Y-axis of the mouse)
- With a sticker sheet for the keyboard keys (helps you find the key assignments)

Note for Consumers:
Important information for Xbox One players:
- Headsets cannot be used in in-game chat on the Xbox One but only in Skype chat.
Patches or firmware updates for removing this restirction are unfortunately not possible.
- A Microsoft Xbox One wireless controller is required for operation.

Important information for PS4 players:
- A Sony "Dualshock 4" wireless controller is required for operation.

Important information for PS3 players:
- No additional controller is required for connection. Connection without controller directly at the PS3.

Important information for Xbox 360 players:
- A wired Microsoft Xbox360 controller is required for operation.
- A wireless controller with charging kit cannot be used.

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