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DEVOLO dLAN 550 duo+ Starter Kit Powerline 9300

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dLAN® 550 duo+ Starter Kit Powerline

Connect the best: The innovative Powerline technology now makes your home network even easier and more multimedia-based!
You have fast Internet reception at any electrical socket with the dLAN® 550 duo+ Starter Kit.
Directly connect network-compatible devices using two integrated Fast Ethernet LAN connections and enjoy high-speed Internet throughout the home.

The dLAN® 550 duo+ Starter Kit is compatible with all current Internet routers and, thanks to the globally leading Powerline technology, ensures a steady, high-speed signal.
Rely on number 1: more than 25 million satisfied devolo dLAN® customers worldwide.

Your home network from the electrical socket: dLAN® 550 duo+
You now get your Internet connection directly from the electrical socket with the devolo dLAN® 550 duo+ adapter.
Use your connection right where you need it without complicated wiring: Regardless of whether in the home office, on the game console or in the living room for your smart TV.
Like all devolo Powerline adapters, installation is a breeze: simply connect the router and terminal devices to the Powerline adapters, insert both adapters into the electrical socket and start surfing.

The range+ Technology used ensures a stable connection with a long range on cable lengths up to 300 metres.
The dLAN® 550 duo+ adapter is equipped with two LAN ports, which you can use to connect network-compatible terminal devices to your home network via a network cable.
This way you can now get your Internet connection directly from the nearest electrical socket - with a fast signal throughout the home.

Double LAN port over the electrical wiring
Connect up to two terminal devices simultaneously using any electrical socket with the dLAN® 550 duo+ Starter Kit.
The signal travels directly over the electrical wiring and ensures that you are able to use continuous high-speed Internet in all living areas - whether for your smart TV, on the game console or in the home office.

You do not lose the power outlet used in the process because the dLAN® 550 duo+ adapter includes an additional electrical socket that you can use just like any other electrical socket and without impairing your Internet connection.
Thanks to the innovative devolo PowerSave technology, the energy consumption with the dLAN® 550 duo+ adapter stays at a minimum.

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