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HS: 1

HR: 1

ME: 2

GT: 1


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Staal & Aluminium

Front USB 3.0:


3.5 Inch intern:



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    465 mm

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    233 mm

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    533 mm

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    9.1 kg

  • Materiaal

    Staal & Aluminium

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  • Fan - 140mm



  • Extra Fan - 140mm


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  • 3.5 Inch intern


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  • Front audio

  • Front USB 3.0


As the name implies, Define XL is the larger sibling of the acclaimed and award winning Define R2/R3 case.
Similar to Define R2/R3, it offers a number of interesting functions with a very stylish appearance.
It's a case focused on low noise level, without neglecting other important features such as cooling, expandability and ease of use.

Key features

• Stylish design
• Pre-fitted with noise absorbing material
• Configurable thermal chamber design
• Great cooling possibilities, 3x fans included (2x 140mm, 1x 180mm)
• 10x HDD slots
• Unique ModuVent™ design in side panel

The XL is pre-fitted with dense noise absorbing bitumen material, covered with a soft foam texture.
This material effectively absorbs noise generated by the components and fans inside.
Paired with other noise preventing features such as a covered top panel with a 180mm fan mounted with an angle
to blow out air in the rear and silicone grommets for hard drive mounting, the XL truly excels in delivering a low noise solution.

An important feature of the XL is the division into three thermal chamber designs.
This enables the user to freely choose the best thermal configuration suited for his or her needs.
First is the upper main chamber, containing most of the components, such as motherboard, ODD and one HDD cage.
The main chamber is cooled by one 140mm fan in the front (included), one 120mm fan in the front (optional), one 140mm fan in the rear (included),
one 120 or 140mm fan in the side panel (optional) and one 180mm fan in the top (included).
The top 180mm fan is mounted with an angle, blowing out hot air through the rear side of the case.

As mentioned earlier in the text, having the top covered has a clear acoustic advantage, in not letting noise emit from the top of the case.
The main chamber is connected to the second thermal chamber, the PSU chamber, with a removable lid.
The lid can be removed if the user wants to turn the PSU upside down, pulling out air from the main chamber.
Standard and recommended configuration, though, is with the lid closed, having the PSU take in air from the bottom of the case, through the supplied filter.
The third chamber is the lower HDD chamber, consisting of room for six hard drives. This chamber is cooled by an optional 140mm fan in the front.
The standard configuration is to let the air that has gone through the HDD's and therefore is hot,
go out behind the right side panel (seen from the front) and out in the rear of the case.

However, the user can decide to remove the dividing metal panel between the lower HDD chamber and the PSU chamber, to let the air flow over the PSU and out in the rear ventilation holes.
Another unique feature with the XL is the ModuVent™ feature, inherited from the Define R2/R3 case.
This is a cover fitted with noise absorbing material, mounted in the side panel fan hole, allowing the user to choose between an optimal low noise level,
having the cover mounted or optimal airflow by removing the cover and mounting a fan for intake.
Apart from all these features, XL also offers excellent cable routing possibilities, with large holes and well enough space for cables behind the M/B plate.
The cable routing holes are covered with silicone covers, effectively hiding the cable clutter.
A fan controller, which can be mounted in an expansion slot in the rear, is included.
It can control up to three fans with one knob.

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