LIAN LI PC-Q07B Mini-ITX Cube Black ( zonder...

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  • Icoon LIAN LI PC-Q07B Mini-ITX Cube Black ( zonder voeding )
  • Icoon LIAN LI PC-Q07B Mini-ITX Cube Black ( zonder voeding )
  • Icoon LIAN LI PC-Q07B Mini-ITX Cube Black ( zonder voeding )
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  • Merk

    Lian Li


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  • Hoogte

    29 cm

  • Breedte

    19.3 cm

  • Lengte

    20.8 cm

  • Gewicht

    1.1 kg

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  • Max. Lengte Grafische Kaart

    180 mm

  • Max. Hoogte CPU-Koeler

    140 mm

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  • Voeding


  • Extra Fan - 120mm

  • Extra Fan - 92mm

  • Extra Fan - 80mm

  • 3.5 Inch extern

  • 2.5 Inch intern


  • 5.25 Inch extern


  • Waterkoeling

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  • Front audio

  • Front USB 3.0


- A Good Design is to make the life simpler, not complicate it. The Mini-Q PC-Q07 is in minimalism style, it is a combination of art and technology.
- The clean shape of Mini-Q PC-Q7 with rounded edge can be fit with interior decoration easily. The hair-lined anodized aluminum exterior dress up with blue and red back-lighted power and reset buttons. The design of Mini-Q PC-Q07 is to be as simple as possible, the exterior of the case is also the structure of the chassis.
- Mini-Q PC-Q07 was manufactured in Taiwan. The quality and craftsmanship are high standard. In some process, Lian Li still asserted in using hand craft to in certain steps in production. Because of some unique techniques can?t be replace by machines, and it is how much effort Lian Li has put into it?s product.
- To ensure user can put everything together easily, Lian Li designer decided to use only standard PC component inside the Mini-Q PC-O07, standard Mini-ITX motherboard, standard 5.25? optical drive, standard 3.5?/2.5? hard drives, and standard ATX PS/2 power supply units. The parts are easy to get on current market, and it would be easy to upgrade and server in the future.
- The Chassis is made of 1.5mm aluminum alloy panel, The thick and solid chassis has no vibration problem. To reduce the size of the Mini-Q PC-Q07, the side panel are secured with screws, it also reduce the vibration, and lower the noise level.
- The 3.5? hard drive mounted with tool-less thumb screw with shock-absorption rubber ring, to reduce the noise.
- The Mini-Q PC-Q07 has passive cooling design, due to there are less heat from the Mini-ITX system. There are vent holes at the bottom part of the side panels and chassis, allow air to enter to cool the system down.
- There are also some vent holes next the rear I/O slots, designed for CPU cooling. There are room for CPU cooler within 70mm height.
- The vent holes on the top of the chassis were for the release the hot air, and it complete the air circulation.
- The power supply units can be turn 180 degrees. When user has an ATX PS/2 power supply with 120mm cooling fan, it can be facing the motherboard which are passive cooled. If there were CPU cooler with fan on board. User can turn the power supply, and have the fan facing outwards.
- The motherboard mounted on the right-hand-side side panel. Therefore install this tiny board can be very easy. No need to work inside the tidy case.
- The installation of 3.5? hard drive require no tool at all, with the latest Lian Li patented anti-vibration HDD mounting system, mount the hard drive with thumb screws, and slide it into the cage.
- The power supply unit mounted with a mounting plate, after connect all the cables, slide the power supply into the case through the rear opening. It is also a handy design when service the system.
- Two USB port connectors follow international specification standards, All I/O ports in the front, allow for easy access.

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