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MODECOM MC-WM102 Black-Silver Wireless Mouse

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Mouse MODECOM MC-WM102 is a balanced combination of modern and minimalistic design with premium quality and extraordinary convenience in use. First contact with the mouse will enchant you with its streamlined shapes and low profile. MODECOM MC-WM102 chassis consitutes balanced combination of plastic and aluminium. The materials used for the mouse are not only attractive. They also make MC-WM102 pleasant in use, because the materials have a nice feel. The overall is augmented with extraordinary precision in details, such as scroll or low battery diode. MODECOM MC-WM102 also provides convenience in use. Its ergonomic and streamlined shapes are perfect for every palm and won't let you feel fatigued even after many hours of work.

Major features

- Classic, smart and minimalistic design
- Profiled chassis for every palm
- Long operating range up to 10 metres
- Two AAA batteries enclosed
- Low battery indication

Sensitive sensor working in three resolutions
Thanks to DPI change button placed in a convenient place, you can freely change DPI whenever you want. Sensor employed in the mouse operates with 1000 DPI.

Long range
Mouse MODECOM MC-WM102 may be connected wirelessly to a computer with the use of radio technology. This type of connection provides stability up to 10 metres.

Balanced combination of aluminium and plastic
MODECOM MC-WM102 is a balanced combination of aluminium with high-quality plastic.

Streamlined shape with low profile
Mouse MODECOM MC-WMM101 is characterised by extraordinary streamlined shape perfect for every palm. In order to provide maximum comfort in use, the mouse was covered with materials with a nice feel.

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